The German brake specialist will now let you buy Raceline pro brakes, just like Danny Hart has.

They say red is faster, but Magura will always respectfully disagree.

The German mountain bike component brand is synonymous with neon yellow, ever since Bart Brentjens won the gold medal at Atlanta’s Olympic XC race, back in 1996. With a set of iconic yellow Magura brakes.

Magura’s strikingly vivid yellow brakes have always been synonymous with factory racers, with an array of different colourways and graphic treatments, over the years.

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Go pro, with the limited-edition Magura Racelines

If you like the oversized lever leverage of Magura’s mountain bike brakes, and wish to look more pro with your latest build project, there is good news from Germany.

Both the Magura MT7 and MT8 Raceline specification brakes will now be available to customers, whereas they had previously only been supplied to factory racers.

For those Magura fans who don’t need enormous stopping power, the MT8 Raceline features a 2-piston calliper design, actuated by the HC carbon lever blade.

You get a neon yellow ‘carbon’ scrip on the lever and some matching ‘Raceline’ graphics on the cylinder. To complete that XC or downcountry bike project, these MT8 Racelines are ideal, weighing a slight 195g.

Light. Powerful. Yellow.

If you need greater stopping power, there is the MT7 Raceline edition, which features neon yellow clamp detailing and graphics on its master cylinder. The MT7 increases calliper piston count to four, with brake mass going up to 255g.

Those mountain bikers who believe yellow makes you faster than red, or stop safer, can have these new limited-edition Raceline Maguras at €479.80 for the MT8s and €599.80 for a set of MT7s.

If the signature neon yellow colourway is what you need to make that trail or enduro bike look even better, well, who we to argue. Magura’s Raceline brakes for Loic Brun and Danny Hart, after all.