Whilst being chased by Brett Tippie

Take an old klunker, slap on a Chopper-style banana seat and Girvin linkage fork and hit the Half Nelson trail. What could possibly go wrong?

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Brett Tippie: “Fraser Newton @gnarbc ripped this early 80’s Deelite hardtail Frankenstein Special (complete with coaster brake, banana seat and Girvin Vector fork) down the @bcbikerace Day 7 Feature Trail “Half Nelson” yesterday passing racers while I followed him with a @rylo cam! Legendary buddy!!!”

Riding ridiculous bikes downdifficult or dangerous trails is a trope we can never get enough of.

Heck, we even did our own version of this idea way back in 2011 when we asked “Would you take our £100 cheap-bike challenge?

And who could forget one of the best viral videos of recent years that saw YouTuber Phil Kmetz wondering “Will this £130 supermarket bike survive a DH course?

Even though it’s arguably a rather hackneyed format, we always watch these edits and we never regret doing so. And this little Facebook vid from the legendary freeride icon Brett Tippie is only a minute long so it’s not exactly a big commitment to sit down and watch it. You can watch this on the bus. Please keep the volume down though eh? No-one likes public transport phone-blare.