We’ve all seen bargain basement bouncy bikes in supermarkets and we’ve all rolled our eyes, tutted to ourselves and kept on walking.

Phil Kmetz didn’t keep on walking. He bought one and had a crack at riding it down a DH track. He bought a $179 Huffy Carnage full suspension bikes from Walmart (American ASDA basically). He then rolled down the start of his nearby DH track.

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He gave it a once over with tools beforehand to check all the bolts and to correct the brakes so that the pads actually met the rims. The fork had loads of play in it already. And it weighted 55lbs (25kg).

This video is what happened next.

It starts worryingly enough; the brakes don’t do much apart from make turkey gobbling noises, the handlebars keep slipping in the stem and the whole bike sounds like a bag of (cheap) spanners.

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By the half way part on the track the bars have bent, the brake pads have worn out, the fork is spraying oil everywhere and Phil is having to use his feet to try to slow down.

Does the bike – and Phil – make it to the end of the track? You’ll have to watch the vid.