This week’s Arrivals sees the brightest pair of shorts from Mavic, new knee pads and helmet from Leatt and a whole host of other cool stuff.

As Cannondale prepare to send over more aluminium frames from Siberia*, we are hunkering down at MBR HQ swearing and steadily screwing ice studs into all of the tyres of our upcoming Trail Bike of the Year contenders. But rather than let that get us down we are thinking ahead to that one warm weekend of the year hopefully due sometime in May. But until that arrives and for those of you who can’t wait until the reviews come out in the magazine or go up online, here’s another in our new series of pre-emptive peeks into recent test product arrivals.

Here’s last week’s Arrivals for those who missed it

*obscure ‘Beast of the East’ retro frame reference. Sorry.

ergon ba2 e protect

4 position back system and cuttable, velcro waist strap.

it’s got an action cam mount for making sick editz.

And the ebike specific battery compartment. This pack is incompatible with pedal powered bikes.

Ergon BA2 E Protect

Price: TBA

From: Extra

Ergon, kings of components based around rider fit has a range of backpacks catering for various riding disciplines. The latest is the BA2 E Protect, yes, there is already a BA2 pack on the market but the key thing with this one is the ‘E’. And you guessed it; this makes it an ebike ‘specific’ pack. Just like EVOC’s newly launched pack, this also has a dedicated battery compartment for storing a spare. That aside, the BA2 E is fully loaded. There are straps everywhere for storing pads and helmet, compartmentalised pockets, contrasting inner fabrics for helping to find your kit and a GoPro style mount on the rear for filming your mate’s attempts to catch you on the descents. It also has 10 litres of storage room and a CE certified, removable spine protector. This should be available in the UK soon.

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mavic deemax under short

I know…

Mavic Deemax Pro Under Short

Price: £53.00

From: Mavic

I’m not sure what I can say about these new Deemax undershorts, apart from thank goodness they’ll be hidden from sight most of the time! When you are on an uplift day or racing you don’t necessarily need a fully padded and long pair of shorts so Mavic decided to create the Deemax with a minimal pad and shorter legs. They are available in less ‘bright’ colours if for some reason these might not be to your taste.

mavic xa elite

Mavic XA Elite Hoodie

Price: £65.00

From: Mavic

Just the ticket for a mid-layer for the current weather conditions. Not too thick, the XA Elite Hoodie is a perfect, relaxed fit for riding and generally being rad. Mavic’s new 37.5 fabric boasts of advanced wicking and moisture management to keep you comfortable. There’s a hidden pocket and a distinctive asymmetric design.

mavic essential

Mavic Essential Vest

Price: £89.00

From: Mavic

A windproof gilet is a really neat bit of kit to stow in your pack for when you need a little more weather protection or for putting on at the start of a ride when it’s a little chilly. The Mavic Essential Vest does just that and packs away to a tiny size. The back has a mesh central section to prevent overheating and there is a little pocket if you want to keep it on and carry things.

Leatt Knee Guard 3DF 6.0

Price: £86.99

From: Hotlines

The latest 3DF 6.0 knee pads from Leatt feature hard outer shells over the usual soft padding to maximise the protection without reducing mobility. 3DF impact foam hardens on impact and those hard shells should help the pad slide on harder ground. They come out a little longer than some other pads so coverage is really good, additional padded sections across either side of the knee help instill a heightened sense of security. Velcro straps at the thigh and an anti-slip coating o the inside help keep them in place. There are colour options as well if you really want to coordinate.

leatt dbx 3.0 enduro


leatt dbx 3.0 enduro


Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro

Price: £189.00

From: Hotlines

Leatt’s convertible trail/fullface helmet has a sleeker shape than some of its competitors. While the chinbar doesn’t wrap around fully like the one on Bell’s new Super DH, it does extend further than most. Two easy to handle clips take care of retention and taking it on and off whilst wearing is childsplay. Without the chinbar the DBX 3.0 looks like an ordinary trail lid. In fact, it’s noticeable how narrow the profile is so it doesn’t look like a great big mushroom with bits missing stuck on your head. Leatt’s Turbine technology provides a MIPS equivalent for better safety in case of an accident.

louri frame strap

Lourí Frame Strap

Price: £14.99

From: Cyclorise

The enduro frame strap is the must have accessory of 2018 if our postroom is anything to go by. New British company Lourí has a small range of just a frame and saddle strap currently but they look to be well made and the frame version is big enough to hold a bottle and more if needed. Only available in black, which is a good thing for UK trails in my opinion. According to their website Lourí are aiming to bring out a cageless hydration system later in the year.

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fwe pitch comp

FWE Pitch Comp

Price: £85.00

From: Evans Cycles

FWE is a brand new apparel brand from Evans Cycles. Named after the original Mr Evans 2018 sees the brand launch a new shoe range. It’s pretty compact having only two models currently, both of which are clipless specific. The good news is rather than focus on a mega bucks carbon wonder shoe, FWE has aimed for the entry-level and mid-range market first. The Pitch Comp is the higher specced model with a ratchet retention mechanism, microfibre breathable upper and a dual density footbed for better support. Available in both ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ versions, if the Comp is too much for you the standard Pitch retails at £65.00.


Full carbon…

syncros hixon

…super neat and three reach options.

Syncros Hixon iC SL

Price: £299.00

From: Scott

By now you should have all seen this new one-piece carbon bar and stem, debuting as it did on the latest Scott Genius range. We showcased it at the launch here and if you read our Longtermers feature you can see how Roo Fowler is getting on with it on his Genius. Called the Hixon iC SL, it weighs 290g and comes in three reach extensions (40/50/60mm).

According to Syncros it mimics identically the handlebar position of the FL1.5 mini-riser and equivalent stem, with a 6º upsweep, 9º backsweep and 12mm rise. Width is 760mm.

syncros sp1.0

Syncros SP1.0 Digital

Price: £69.99

From: Scott

Digital gauges take out the guess work when it comes to setting air pressure for your tyres or shocks. This SP1.0 from Syncros can measure with an accuracy of 0.1psi for all you suspension geeks out there. It can also read in Bar or KG/CM is you so wish. Rather than a bleed button Syncros has gone for a rotating knob so you can adjust how much or how little air is released. It’s super comfy to use with the angled body and t-bar handle. The air chuck is a two stage zero-bleed style to eliminate any loss of air.

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syncros boundary

Syncros Boundary 2.0HV

Price: £16.99

From: Scott

At less than seventeen quid, the Boundary 2.0HV makes you wonder why pumps are so expensive. With a mainly aluminium body construction, it looks similar to pumps costing way more. The HV in the name stands for High Volume, this is a MTB specific pump with a tapered, wide barrel designed for pushing the maximum amount of air into the tyre. A flexible hose and swappable Presta/Schraeder head (with dirt seal) complete the package.

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bell sixes

Bell Sixer MIPS Joy Ride

Price: £149.99

From: ZyroFisher

The Sixer is the top-end trail and enduro helmet from Bell. Check out this month’s mag for our thoughts on the 4Forty, the second rung in the newly revamped range. The Sixer is a little more heavy duty and has a great three position adjustable peak. This is one of Bell’s female targeted Joy Ride lids. While further down the range there are specific models, for the Sixer it’s just the colours that change.

And that’s your lot for another week. See you in the next interstadial period.