BPW gets official camera partner

BikePark Wales continues to boom as it announces pioneering deal with GoPro to offer visitors free helmetcam rental during their visit.

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BikePark Wales have recently announced a new partnership with the leading actioncam brand of them all – GoPro.

GoPro are now the official camera partner of BikePark Wales. As well as offering free rental of their various cameras, GoPro will also be offering advice on what and how to shoot good footage with a view to creating “top level content from UK’s biggest bike park“.

Part of this advice will actually be on-trail during visitors’ rides on the myriad of trails at BPW. There will be “helpful setup tips displayed throughout the park” apparently.

BikePark Wales statement: “We’re really excited to have GoPro come on board. Let’s be honest GoPro need no introduction! As the world’s most versatile and iconic camera, they are used and loved by so many of us.”

Filip Good, Senior Director of Marketing EMEA at GoPro: “GoPro is all about capturing, sharing and reliving great experiences. This partnership is a perfect fit, not only for us and BikePark Wales – but above all for riders who get the opportunity to shred down the park’s amazing trails while testing our products and create engaging photos and videos.”

The shop at BikePark Wales will stock various up-to-date GoPro models and a comprehensive range of accessories should you have something specific or out of the ordinary to achieve.

So there you have it. We expect to see you putting together ‘edits’ like the one above in no time at all then. Hop to it!