Pole does not do subtle design. Its Voima e-bike, is no exception.

Pole is one of the most progressive brands in mountain biking and it has now entered the e-bike market.

The fiercely independent Finnish company has revealed its super enduro e-bike, the Voima. And like everything Pole does, it features a unique design and very few compromises.

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Enter the 190mm Voima

Pole’s founder and design director, Leo Kokkonen, is both a talented rider and engineer. An ardent campaigner for progressive geometry and advanced aluminium construction techniques, Kokkonen doesn’t follow trends.

Despite the surging demand for e-bikes, Pole wasn’t keen on launching with a lightweight 250Wh battery version, targeted at the trail bike market. Kokkonen wanted to big and build a proper shuttle vehicle alternative e-bike, with the ability to crush huge double-black descents.

The result is Pole’s 190mm Voima. Like all Pole dual-suspension bikes, it has an aluminium frame, CNC machined from 7075-T6 source material.

Voima’s rear linkage looks a lot different to that of other Poles, doing without a conventional chainstay. The design developed from a concept originally devised to allow Pole a platform for gearbox bikes, cleverly repurposed as an e-bike solution.

Slack and long

Pole doesn’t make steep and short frames. The Voima is no exception and it features a 63.5° head angle, balanced by a very steep 80° seat angle. Reach numbers? Immense. The largest Voima stretches out to 535mm.

If you are looking for a trim rear-end, look elsewhere. The Voima is configured for maximum high-speed stability. All sizes have very lengthy 455mm chainstays and the wheelbase on Pole’s biggest Voima is a vast 1368mm.

Power? This e-bike has plenty. It can store 745Wh of energy in its large lithium-ion battery pack and that spins a potent 90Nm Brose Drive S mid-drive motor.

Pole will be offering frame only Voimas first, towards the end of this year, although the order book is open. Complete bikes should become available in early 2022. And of course, you can have this new Pole e-bike, in the brand’s stunning gold colourway.