The Scott has some competition

The Drop and Roll Tour is a professional street trials team that performs shows around Europe at events such as the Muckletoon Adventure Festival and the Fort William World Cup.

Without a doubt, their headline attraction is the international superstar Danny MacAskill but he is accompanied by a whole host of talented riders who are just waiting to be discovered.

In this video, Ali Clarkson, known simply as Ali C, hits up Cardiff and shows off his street trials skills on a variety of urban obstacles.

He’s clearly a rider who likes to go big as there are some ridiculously huge drops in this. Much like Danny, he tackles them with ease though and his smooth style is sure to win over a lot of fans.

Ali C

Danny MacAskill also rose to fame with a video shot in a celtic capital, although for him it was Edinburgh not Cardiff, is Ali C trying to do the same in this video?

After his first edit, Danny went on to shoot masterpieces such as Imaginate and The Ridge. If Ali C does something similar there will be no complaints from us!

If you want to catch Ali C and Danny MacAskill live then the Drop and Roll Tour will be at the Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival near Inverness on August 7 -8.