Eric Porter and Kelly McGarry also feature

Danny MacAskill took to the snowy highlands of Scotland to give Lezyne’s new GPS system to the test.

Lezyne has been known for its lights and tools in the past, so to produce a full gps system must have been a big undertaking. As such, they’ve used all their athletes, including Eric Porter and Kelly McGarry, in this stylish launch video.

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Lezyne has created a range of three GPS devices, the Mini, the Power and the Super, that will allow you to track and plan your rides as well as getting detailed feedback on your computer afterwards. All three devices can be connected to your phone via bluetooth as well.

The Mini looks like it has the most application for mountain bikes. Its small size will not take up too much room on the bars and will be less likely to break during a crash.

Danny MacAskill is one of Scotland’s mountain biking legends. He made his fame with short, street-trials videos on YouTube and has gone on to become a star for his trail riding too in films such as The Ridge.