What's decent in Aldi's Big Cycling Event sale?

The best Aldi cycling deals. Every now and then discount supermarket puts on cycling-specific sale. Here’s our pick of the pedalling produce.

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You can get this stuff in the stores on Thursday 27th September.

It’s usually heavily geared towards to road cyclists and commuters but there are some mountain bike relevant products in there if you’re prepared to delve around.

Except now you don’t have to because we’ve done the delving for you.

Mens/Ladies Hooded Cycling Jacket £24.99

Mens/Ladies Convertible Cycling Jacket £19.99

Adult cycling jacket converts to a gilet by unzipping the arms. Breathable, waterproof and windproof fabric with Bionic Eco Finish.

Floor Bike Pump £16.99

It’s a track pump. You know, for pumping up your tyres quick and easily. Even if you have a track pump already you could contemplate getting this as a spare to keep in your car.

Mens/Ladies Waterproof Over-Trousers £14.99

Sometimes you just gotta cover yourself up as much as possible and dive into the mucky mire out there. And now that single chainring drivetrains don’t snag overtrousers as much as they could do in the past, we’re seeing them as more viable on the trails.

Mens/Ladies Seamless Cycling Base Layer Top £6.99

Base layers, good for keeping you warm on your rides. Naturally odour resistant and available in a selection of sizes and colours.

Muc-Off £3.99

The Pink Stuff.

Dual Bike Lights £2.99

These ain’t going to win any prizes for illumination but for helping you be seen when riding on road section, the more lights you have the better. These are nicely on-off, leave-no-trace units.

Mens/Ladies Cycling Wind Jersey With Merino £19.99

Now this looks like a cosy garment. It may well not be something that sees the trails very often (who’s brave enough to go out and expect zero rain?) but it could for twenty quid it’s worth a punt. You never know how/when you may wear this, both on and off the bike.

Mens/Ladies Merino Sports Base Layer £16.99

A merino base layer for seventeen pounds. A night riding essential!

Waterproof Breathable Socks £12.99

If you’re lucky enough to be able to ride a few times a week then chances are you often struggle to get your waterproof socks clean and dry in time sometimes. Get some more then.

The complete list of Aldi cycling deals

Livall Mt1 Smart Helmet £79.99
Indoor Bike Trainer £49.99
M/L Hooded Cycling Jacket £24.99
M/L Convertible Cycling Jacket £19.99
Speed & Cadence Sensor £19.99
M/L Cycling Rain Jacket £19.99
Floor Bike Pump £16.99
Rechargeable High Powered Bike Lights £14.99
M/L Waterproof Over-Trousers £14.99
M/L Cycling Tights £13.99
High Performance Bike Lights £12.99
U-Shackle Bike Lock £9.99
Reflective Cycling Set £8.99
Folding Bike Stand £8.99
Saddle Bag Tool Set £8.99
Memory Foam Saddle Assortment £8.99
M/L Seamless Cycling Base Layer Top £6.99
Weatherproof Cycling Gloves £5.99
Muc-Off £3.99
Bike Saddle/ Tail/ Dual Bike Lights £2.99
Cycling Socks £2.99
M/L Cycling Wind Jersey With Merino £19.99
M/L Merino Sports Base Layer £16.99
Sports Accessories With Merino £5.99
Merino Blend Cycling Socks £4.99
Heavy Duty Overshoes £14.99
Waterproof Breathable Socks £12.99
Neoprene Cycling Gloves £9.99

Get there early before the best Aldi cycling deals sell out

A word of advice, get there early! Aldi Cycling Event sales are notorious for being cleared out of the good stuff well before the afternoon. So plan your day carefully and you can make the most of the bargains.