Kicking off his new SickSeries of videos here’s Fabio Wibmer crashing his face off on the snowy slopes of Austria.

Warning: features injuries caused by spiked tyres(!) There’s also bad language. Soz.

The last time we saw Austrian nutjob Fabio Wibmer he was riding along the top of a railing with a two hundred metre drop on his left.

This new video of him racing and stunting (yes, stunting is a word now) his brains out on various ski slopes and pistes is almost more worrying. Worrying for Wibmer’s sanity and decision making mainly!

His famous railing ride mentioned above was actually done whilst secretly but sensibly attached to an off-screen safety rope.

For this new snowy video there is no safety rope. There’s just crashing. Hard crashing. And lots of it.

NB: the video is in German language but you can select English subtitles easily enough. Not that you really need to. The story is all in the footage really.

Video description

Fabio Wibmer: “Snow, Bikes, Flips & Spikes! 😀 Welcome to our first Sick Series! Enjoy!”