Lo in fi, hi in NRG

Back at your desk? Can’t face that bulging inbox? Just waiting for lunchtime – or hometime? Kill some time watching Ratboy and Loosedog’s 2017 best bits.

We like 50to01 – essentially Josh Bryceland and Loosedog Lewis – and their lo-fi hi-energy riding videos. Their recent Wheel Love magnum opus made it into our 7 best mountain bike videos of 2017 round-up.

Video description

50to01: “It has been a hectic year, starting off with Jamaica all the way back in February… We’ve visited New Zealand, Australia, drove all over Europe and the USA whilst also getting Wheel Love filmed and hitting up races along the way… what a corker!! here’s some of the footage all rolled up into one big raw year ending video. Cheers!!!”

In other 50to01 news…

Ratboy and Loosedog sign with Royal Racing apparel

Bryceland appears to have departed from Fox clothing after a number of years and both him and Loosedog Lewis have signed up with Brit brand Royal Racing.

Royal Racing was started back in 1999 by designer Nick Bayliss and Steve Peat. Obviously Peat and Bryceland have history together since the era of Santa Cruz Syndicate and earlier. It’s good to see Peat and Ratboy back together doing something.

Royal Racing: “Part of their role with Royal will be product development across the range along with some limited edition collaborations with 50:01. These jerseys will be designed and manufactured in the UK using environmentally friendly materials wherever possible and produced in limited runs. Expect the first designs to drop in the spring.”

Video description

50to01: “With both Rat and Loose starting out their careers as young pups in oversized Royal racing kits, the decision felt right when our paths crossed again to take it back to the roots and go Royal… the homecoming. www.Royalracing.com Music by kevin radical and JORDONIKS”