Created in the orange months

Ratboy and Loosedog’s new ‘Wheel Love’ mini-movie is a 27 minute ode to jibbing. And crashing. You can’t ignore the crashing.

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How about that wince-making endo palm-slap slide down a rock face at the 8min mark hey? And Loosedog Lewis’ section at 9mins in is well worth watching on its own. No one crashes quite like Loosedog. It’s arguably Lewis who is the star of 50to01’s films. Which is a quite a feat considering he’s riding alongside the likes of Josh Bryceland, Sam Dale and Craig Evans (nominee in our 2017 Mountain Biker of the Year).

“A message from home. Created in the orange months from the heart”

“Bikes and bodies were harmed

“Every minute was loved”

Wheel Love is the perfect anti-edit. It’s long (27+ minutes). It’s shot in the UK. There’s no fancy cinematography to speak of. There’s not really any scenery or pretty pretty trails. There’s no theme or concept. There’s no new 2018 bike model being secretly promoted. It’s formless.

And it’s brilliant.

Being nigh-half hour mini-movie of essentially messing about on bikes in the woods and on the moors means it’s not something you can smash through during a coffee break at work.

It’s more of thing to put on YouTube and have playing in the background while you get ready for a ride or while you settle down after a ride.