Woof cuts.

Four-legged furry friends having a blast with their two-legged two-wheeled buddies in a selection of vids that will have you down the dog home ASAP.

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1. Trail Dogs

by Morvélo Bicycle Apparel

“Ruby is a 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla. She’s been riding trails with Tom since she was a puppy, and she’s definitely faster than you are. With a trail dog by your side you always have a riding partner who is ready to go, can bomb jumps, take the perfect inside line, stay right on your wheel, and do it time after time. A mountain biker’s best friend.”

2. Third Wheel

by Outdoor Gear Exchange

Watch Transition rider Adam Morse and his dog Flow rag themselves silly around some prime Vermont singletrack. Who doesn’t want to live in a cute wood shack in the woods with a funky dog and have seemingly endless singletrack on tap?

3. DogMasteR

by Julien Vendries

Ex-World Cup DH racer Nicolas Ortiz takes his dog – called Heaven – out on his rides. They are both rather nippy! Usually trail dog vids are all about flowing trails, sedate smiles and going “Awww” at the dog. Not this vid. This is a rowdy Downhill vid with a suitably rowdy soundtrack (actually, you may wish to turn the sound down a bit, the music is a bit… special).

4. Tucker The Dog vs Jeff The Bike Rider

by Jeff Brines

He’s got the skills and the speed to shred trails but on four legs rather than two wheels. Meet Tucker the world’s fastest trail dog. Tucker seems pretty speedy for a dog, easily keeping astride with his owner’s swift riding as well as taking the lead (no pun intended) and having a great time. It even paints the lovely picture of him clearing the jumps and gaps in determination to follow his owner.

5. Ed & Aurel, Dog vs Mountainbike Tricks

by XtremevideoFR

You’ve heard of sheepdog trials, well now it’s time for you to experience trail dog trials. This is Ed, a six-year-old Australian Shepherd and the dog of Aurelien Fontenoy who is a four-time trials World Champion and star of videos such as Farmyard Trials.

6. Trail dog Maggie first downhill trip

by vipersrt10alex

It’s not often you see a downhill dog but as this video from Bailey bike park’s DH track shows, triple clamps and tails can mix. (Having said that, we’re porbably not alone in thinking that taking a dog on to potentially busy bike park trails is possibly not the greatest idea ever)