Sooo good

This is another of Red Bull’s ‘Raw 100’ videos. Basically this video series features no music, it’s just the glorious sound of bikes on dirt. Or in this case, in the air and on the dirt.

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For such a simple concept the Raw 100 videos always impress and refresh our interest in riding videos. The noises in this episode are particularly good: super-hard tyres on dirt, very buzzy freewheel in the air, and the hollow thuck noises of landing back on dirt again.

Just lovely.

The rider in this episode is Anthony Messere, a Canadian rider perhaps more know for freeride stuff than the dirt jumping featured in this vid. Whatever, he’s a flipping handy bike handler and no mistake.

Red Bull: “Watch Anthony Messere throw down in this Raw 100. The Canadian rider is known for massive amplitude, so enjoy these smooth moves at his private jumps.

“Raw 100 is a video series designed to highlight the talent and creativity of filmmakers. It’s said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this series celebrates that.

“The rules for each video are simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow-motion footage, and no music. By having to work within these limitations, filmmakers have to shake up the box and put their creativity on blast.

“In this edition, Canadian freerider Anthony Messere teams up with cinematographer Rupert Walker to capture Messere’s private jumps which are located near his home in British Columbia. Sit back and enjoy the effortless flow and amplitude that Messere is known for in the video above.”