It's all about the trunnion, baby

We gave you a glimpse of it last month. Now here’s the full rundown of Giant’s new 140mm travel 27.5 wheeled trail bike.

It’s still quite clearly a Giant and quite clearly a Trance. There’s no obviously radical overhauling here.

But what there is is quite a significant number of tweaks in almost every area of the bike.

The main tweak is the move to a trunnion mounted rear shock. “What the heck is a trunnion?” you may ask. It’s best explained with a photograph…

That's a trunnion that is

That’s a trunnion that is

You’ll notice how the linkage attaches directly to the wide, fat head of the shock. There’s no traditional shock eyelet.

Why have they trunnion-ed it? It’s so that they can keep the same effective eye-to-length on the shock/frame mounts but can squeeze in a longer bodied shock with a longer stroke to it.

This longer shock dramatically changes the suspension characteristics. Lower leverage ratio. Wider rebound range