Wash and go ride

Got muddy on your last ride? Here’s how to take care of your waterproof riding clothing.

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Wash it

Chuck it into the machine on a cool wash, avoiding regular detergents, as they can damage the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating that keeps your waterproof waterproof. Instead use a dedicated product like Nikwax, or pure soap powder/liquid.

Proof it

Every winter season (around now in fact) you should restore the DWR coating on your duds. Use Granger’s Proofer — it’s a wash-in product, so you can let the machine do the work again — close up all the zips and flaps and wash it warm, not hot, then tumble dry gently.

Repair it

Sooner or later you’ll probably hole your jacket or shorts on a rock, or particularly vicious bramble… don’t bin it, repair it. Send the garment off to Lancashire Sports Repairs, they’re Gore-Tex approved and can also repair other waterproof materials and footwear.