Get away fast and ring the fire and rescue service

Moorland and woodland fires continue to be a threat in certain areas of the UK. Here’s what to do if you come across a fire whilst on a ride.

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What to do if you spot a fire

  • Get to safety. Go further than you think!
  • Don’t hang around to rubberneck or Instagram the fire
  • Put a natural fire-break between you and the fire if possible
  • Note your location
  • Dial 999 and ask for fire and rescue
  • Follow further instructions from the fire and rescue service

There have already been some moorland fires in north west England but thankfully the fire services have done stellar work dealing with them impressively quickly.

Even if you don’t live or ride in the north west, chances are the continuing hot and rain-free weather will only increase the chances of wild fires happening somewhere near you.

And unfortunately the chances of morons deliberately setting fires increases with every day as well. Remember last year with the arson instances on Winter Hill fire near Bolton and Healey Nab near Chorley?

No campfires

If you are taking the opportunity to do a spot of wild camping in this hot weather please do not be tempted to have a camp fire. You really don’t want to be the persons responsible for burning down a National Park or something.