A great idea for cable activated droppers

In this video guide we show you how to dump the poor performing remote that came with your cable dropper post and upgrade to a new alternative remote.

Why upgrade your dropper post remote? To be blunt, a lot of remotes that come supplied with dropper posts aren’t great. They can be fiddly, vague, uncomfortable, un-ergonomic or just plain ugly.

Replacing the dropper remote is dead easy and you don’t need many tools.

Tools required

  • Cable cutters
  • Inner and outer gear cable
  • Torx keys
  • Allen keys
  • Something for marking your cable with (Tippex etc)

You will also need your new chosen dropper remote. There are a number of aftermarket alternative dropper post remotes out there now.

You can even make your own dropper remote using an old gear shifter. Worth thinking about certainly.

For this video we’re upgrading to a remote from Wolftooth to go with a Thomson Covert Stealth dropper post.

If you have different remote or post, don’t worry. The procedure and tools required are the same for pretty much all combinations of cable droppers and aftermarket remotes.