Still the best new-school semi-slick out there

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Schwalbe Rock Razor Evolution


Schwalbe Rock Razor Evolution tyre review


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The Rock Razor is almost as light as a regular cross-country tyre, but combines a low-profile central tread pattern with fang-like edge blocks that allow for aggressive cornering.

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Huge, angled corner blocks point far enough outwards that they don’t interfere with the semi-slick’s ability to roll quickly, and being full-on DH size and widely spaced, the tyre delivers stacks of cornering grip to hold tight lines even when really leaning the bike over.

Everything adds up — the huge air volume enables lower pressures for good comfort, the casing doesn’t flex laterally too much, and there’s a surprising amount of braking traction.

If ridden aggressively, the Razor can also dance from side to side between the edge rails, which can be a hell of a lot of fun without ever feeling too sketchy.

The lightweight Pacestar version has excellent grip considering the harder durometer rubber, but the tougher, Super Gravity/Trailstar model is best in rougher areas — it compromises a little when climbing or accelerating, but still has excellent rolling speed and dynamic ride feel.

The Rock Razors won’t last forever but are still the best new-school semi-slick out there.


Size tested:27.5x2.35in