Almost perfect blend of compliance, stiffness and stability, the rubber compound grips like stink

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maxxis high roller II


Maxxis High Roller II tyre review


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Maxxis’s reputation is built on fantastic rubber and tread patterns, and the High Roller II 3C Maxx Terra tyre is no exception.

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There’s an almost perfect blend of compliance, stiffness and stability in the edge blocks, the rubber compound grips like stink on all manner of surfaces, and the tyre corners with excellent breakaway predictability.

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We prefer the High Roller II to the popular Minion DHF, since it’s better in wet, loose dirt, and has also proven marginally tougher and more puncture resistant. The wider 2.4in 3C version gives extra confidence and edge grip on wet roots and rocks up front, but, as a rear option, the 60a model in 2.3in size is a good compromise if you don’t mind trading grip for better durability.

For aggressive trail riding, the EXO version balances weight and durability well, and it’s noticeably lighter than most of the thicker tyres with this much grip when climbing or accelerating. Extra cut protection in the sidewalls is available, but the thicker Double Down version is best for extremely rocky ground for maximum puncture protection.

Light enough to pedal up, capable year-round in most areas, and totally assured on the way down, the High Roller II is a top-dollar product. It won’t last you forever, but it’s hard to fault in terms of sheer performance.


Size tested:27.5x2.4in
  • Tim Smyth

    were you guys using this as a front tyre? what did you have on the back? at the moment, im running ardent exo 29×2.4 both front and back but im thinking of getting one of these on the front and keep the ardent on the rear. what would you recommend for winter at trail centres and surrey hills type trails?