It's great to see some unique and sleek styling, but the Sweet Protection Bushwhacker unfortunately comes at a price

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Score 6

Sweet Protection Bushwhacker


  • Sleek and close fitting shape


  • A bit pricy with a fiddly retention system


Sweet Protection Bushwhacker helmet review

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Bringing a bit of Scandinavian style to the trail helmet market, the Bushwacker’s sleek, close-fitting shape is well vented and uses a fully enclosed, five-piece shell with thicker EPS around the top, sides and rear for added protection.

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It’s pricy, but the internal rubberised surfaces and smooth edges reflect the excellent finishing. The Bushwhacker also ships with a fancy carry sack and two sets of comfort pads — 5mm and 10mm thick, to help justify the cost. We found the thicker pads better at mopping up sweat.

The four-way headband retention device has a good range of reach and height adjustment, but doesn’t always centre itself perfectly and can move on steep descents, tipping the front down.

The pinch-together retention system also features a stiff release button and is fiddly to use on the move — the next generation of Bushwhackers will feature a brand new dial-based retention system.



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