Hope needs a better-shaped platform and more effective pins to compete with the best

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Score 6


  • Typically rugged build


  • Overall lack of grip
  • High price


Hope F20 Flat Pedal Review


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This beautifully finished, knurled F20 platform is Hope’s first flat pedal, and typically for the northern brand, has proven tough enough to withstand a wet winter of riding with no signs of play or ingress. To aid this reliability, each heat-treated chromoly steel axle spins inside a trio of cartridge bearings and a Norglide bushing protected by a combination of two seals at the crank end and rubber O-ring and end cap at the outside edge.

The machined surface features an anti-slipping ‘ripple’ design, but we couldn’t notice any benefit. Hope also offers 10 forged steel pins per side, but they aren’t particularly tall and have rounded tops rather than sharper edges or exposed threads as on most flat pedals. This, together with the near-flat body, means that grip is lacking. We removed the centre studs looking to create extra concavity and a more planted feel, but we still found that when descending on rough ground or winching up technical, muddy climbs, our shoes just didn’t feel sufficiently locked in.

If Hope was to offer a deeper platform and bigger or sharper pins as standard, the durable, nicely sized F20 could be a real contender. As it stands, there’s a lack of bite which is out of kilter with the rest of the Hope’s design philosophy.



Pins (per side):10