The Full Naughty or the Enduro Lite?

September 30th-October 1st will see the brand new Naughty Northumbrian enduro event take place in the rugged and picturesque Northumberland National Park.

The Naughty Northumbrian will be based at the iconic Clennell (pronounced like kennel) Hall, at the head of the Coquet Valley in England’s most northerly, and most sparsely populated (68 people per sq KM) county of Northumberland.

With two offerings – The Full Naughty – a 6 stage, 22 mile enduro and the Enduro Lite – a 3 stage, 11 mile enduro on offer the Naughty Northumbrian will take in a mix of alpine style forest trails through to flowing moorland terrain in the high country that borders Scotland.

You can enter both events online at

Naughty Northumbrian

If you’re looking for comparisons – think Tweedlove Valejuah in terms of technicality with the added bonus of being somewhere that you can’t normally ride and as close to wilderness as you’ll get in England.

With music, a movie night, beer, prizes, expo area and camping on offer, the Naughty Northumbrian is the perfect way to round off your season in style, all while tackling exclusive, technical trails that can’t be ridden at any other time.

The dig crew are currently reworking a mixture of existing trails and creating three entirely new stages that will take you from High Fells down into fairytale-like valleys.

Naughty Northumbrian

One of the organisers, Tommy Wilkinson: “Making the Naughty a reality is something I’ve dreamt about for a considerable amount of time. Northumberland has so much space and stunning terrain to offer but isn’t really on the map when it comes to riding – The Naughty Northumbrian will begin to change that by offering a top class event experience with amazing riding in one package. The terrain is off limits outside of events, but people will begin to get a feel for how welcoming and friendly it is round here. As they’d say round here it’s going to be a “fair old do”.