Shonky shifting ruining your ride?

Shonky shifting ruining your ride? A gammy or frayed cable is the top culprit, so here’s how to replace yours. It’s a five minute fix.


1. Shift to top gear on your cassette (the smallest sprocket). Wind in the barrel adjuster/s on the shifter and/or rear mech. Snip off the cable crimp with cable cutters and loosen the cable clamp bolt a few turns to release the cable.

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2. Remove the inner gear cable at the shifter end. Shimano shifters have a small Phillips grub screw to keep dirt out, as shown. Most SRAM shifters need the top cover of the shifter to be removed. Push the cable out of the shifter by pulling back the outer shifter casing so you can grasp the inner cable.


3. Insert the new cable into the shifter, through the outer casing (replace if damaged or dirty) and route it correctly around the rear derailleur as shown. Pull the cable taut by hand and tighten the clamp bolt before trimming and fitting a ferrule to prevent fraying.

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4. If the B tension and limit screws are set correctly, and nothing is bent or worn, you should be able to adjust the gears purely by cable tension. Shift up one sprocket and use the barrel adjuster to align the upper jockey wheel with the sprocket. Add tension if the chain is slow going up the cassette; reduce if slow going down.