After seeing a mountain biker ride down a dam last week, we thought we’d seen enough crazy mountain bike stunts for September, that was until we saw this…

Kenny Beleay may not be as famous a trials rider as Danny MacAskill or Chris Akrigg but that doesn’t stop him being one of the legends of the sport. In fact he recently competed for the 14th time in the World Championships in Andorra and won his 12th medal.

In this video, the Belgian rider tackles an 18 metre long slackline over a 112 metre drop and even though he does have a safety rope, it’s still not for the faint hearted. At least normal trials obstacles such as rocks and logs are solid, a tightrope is constantly moving underneath you. You can see Beleay has to ride with one leg just to stay on the slack line.

Kenney Beleay slackline mtb


He also shows off his more creative side, taking on the rocky Alpine terrain on his GT Force X in a similar fashion to Danny MacAskill’s The Ridge.

Red Bull claims that this took him a whole year of planning and a further six months of “intensive training” for a 30 second stunt. We reckon it’s worth it though, the footage is stunning.