Watch jokey YouTuber Wyn Master take a 130mm travel GT eVerb electric mountain bike for a ride at Leogang. Hang on, a ride UP Leogang. Will he clear it all?

We’re not sure if the creators of this video are aware of the barrage of abuse from anti-e internet keyboard warriors that they’ve let themselves in for here.

This is a video that features an e-bike. That’s sin no.1 for a lot of folk, especially American folk who seem to be so spooked by electric-assist mountain bikes that you think they’re un-Constitutional or something. The vid also features someone riding the wrong way up downhill track. And that track is the ever-controversial Leogang track.

It’s like the perfect recipe for online comments! Hmm…

Despite all the flak that this vid is sure to get, there’s no denying that it will also get the point across that e-bikes can climb up all sorts of improbably terrain that you probably couldn’t do on a regular bike (unless your surname is Schurter).

Wyn Masters: ” I never really was a fan of e-bikes, until I actually rode the eVerb in Leogang, you can do a quick ride with more much descending and still enjoy the climb back up, it opens up so much more terrain to ride, without needing a shuttle or lift to get up, to me that just makes sense!”

Video description

GT Bicycles: “Wyn Masters tackles the Leogang World Cup track up and down on GT’s all new eVerb.”