Canyon’s Joe Barnes, Justin Leov and Co. open up to the camera about what psychological toil enduro racing takes out on you.

There’s a lot of talk in racing. Talk about the tech of racing, the bikes, the handling skills, the fitness, the venues, the courses.

But there’s not a whole lotta talk about the mental side of things.

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Joe Barnes keeping it positive

Joe Barnes keeping it positive

Why people race.

How racers deal with the pressures.

What it’s like to be a newbie joining a team of established pro’s.

Dealing with injuries and illness.

Travelling all the time.

How do switch off?

Can they ever switch off?

This video answers these questions. And it’s a very interesting watch.

This five minute video from the Enduro World Series: “There are a lot of good times for riders on the Enduro World Series circuit but there are also pressures. What is that drives the riders towards this extraordinary way of life and to challenge themselves so much. And once they are there, how do they deal with the challenge. We caught up with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team to find out the answers on the mental side of the sport.”