The Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championship is not a real world championship in an official UCI sense but it is rather er, special.

The SSCXWC is a cross between a regular cyclocross race and It’s a Knockout with added stripper buses. Last weekend in Portland, Oregon witnessed the 2016 SSCXWC.

A huge field of racers – most of which in outlandish fancy dress – duelled it out over a particularly horrendous, mucky course. As you can see from the video above, the race starts with a Le Mans-style foot-race to find your bike – which may or may not have hidden in a cornfield.

Most racers were not really racing, they were there for the craic. But there was a serious competitive edge to the pack of front runners.

You can bung a comedy moustache on a pro but you can’t stop them from racing as hard as they can.

Recently retired cyclocross legend Sven Nys (above) was in attendance and all eyes were on him to see what he’d do.

All-rounder Adam Craig was also racing. Here’s a cool little video that shows how close Nys and Craig where during the final lap…

In the end though, Adam Craig took the top spot in the mens category. As this photo-montage video from Giant Bicycles celebrates…

There were numerous other well-known mountain bikers racing too. Here’s a POV video from the 50-to-1 collective of Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland on the first lap of the race…

We’ll leave it to 50-to-1 to sum up: “ball pits, smoke tents, maize maze start, marching band… this race really had everything. Loose Rat and Iago had crazy amounts of fun. big up sscxwcpdx crew!!”