Featuring 2017 Red Bull Hardline winner Craig Evans riding local trails in Sheffield

This episode, Josh ‘Loosedog’ Lewis and Craig Evans take us to some of their favourite trails (and watering holes) in Sheffield.

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The Home to Roost series takes some of Britain’s top riders back to their hometowns to showcase the riding on their doorsteps.

Wharncliffe Woods house the trails that nurtured top British talent like Steve Peat, so they’re guaranteed to be good, and the boys more than do them justice in this cracking film.

Previous episodes of the series have featured Rowan Sorrell, who showed us snowy South Wales, and Olly Wilkins, who took on the Surrey Hills.

The boys in this episode show some impeccable cornering skills, and Josh’s secret, backyard hip jump looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

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Which trails would you feature in Home to Roost? Do you prefer riding local or far-away trails? Let us know in the comments.