Latest Atherton Diaries vlog contains footage of Rachel dislocating and then relocating her shoulder. Skip to the 11m 30s mark.

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What else is in this vid? These vids are always interesting behind the scenes films.

Gee on crutches watching super bikes at Donnington and putting gimbals in a big duck’s mouth.

Rachel having a go at her first ever enduro.

Ft Bill stuff begins at 5 mins.

“There’s nothing worse than turning at at the pits first thing in the morning and smelling, like, all the smells trapped inside… tyre sealant, fresh rubber, farts and porridge” – Rachel Atherton.

Muddy’s hilarious ramp crash/bail at 6m 43s.

Kade checking whether he’s ripped his penis off in a saddle-bending bad landing.

Rachel puking into a bin on the morning of race day.

And, of course, THAT shoulder relocation.

This video contains an emotional Rachel trying to deal with the end of her amazing two-year winning streak. This streak began in Fort William in 2015 and finished there in 2017.

Surely we will never a winning streak like it ever again. Respect Rachel.