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Brandon Semenuk won the 2015 Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx on Sunday with a nearly flawless score of 93.80.

The Red Bull Joyride is one of the biggest freeride competitions in mountain biking, perhaps only second in prestige to the Red Bull Rampage. It is the grand finale to the Crankworx mountain bike festival in Whistler and it is always guaranteed to produce a good show.

Semenuk is renowned for his smooth style and this was on show in the Joyride finals as he barely put in a pedal stroke the whole way down the hill. His recent filming on UnReal has clearly paid off as we saw a lot of tricks lifted directly from his jaw-dropping segment.

Semenuk is a Whistler local and the Red Bull Joyride is fast becoming his signature competition as this was his fourth win and seventh podium at the event.

Second place went to American wonder-kid Nicolai Rogatkin and third place to the Belgian Thomas Genon. The British also had a good event with Sam Reynolds finishing sixth and Sam Pilgrim finishing twelfth, despite suffering from a stomach bug.

The Joyride is part of the FMB Diamond tour series that covers the biggest events in slopestyle and freeride. With just the Red Bull Rampage left in the series, Thomas Genon currently sits in first place with Brett Rheeder in second and Nicolai Rogatkin in third. Expect this to change at the big event though as neither Genon nor Rogatkin are known for their big mountain riding.