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The Deep Summer photography challenge is an annual event organised by Crankworx Whistler and aims to showcase the very best in mountain bike photography.

Every year, Crankworx invites six elite photographers to come to Whistler and compile a photo slideshow in just three days  in and around the bike park. The competition culminates with a nigh time screening in the Whistler Olympic Plaza and the winner is awarded a $3,500 prize. This year that was awarded to Sam Needham along with his team that includes Toby Pantling, Sam Flanagan, Joe Flanagan, Ali Parkin and Paul Stevens .

This year however, there will also be another $3,500 prize that will be decided by the viewing public. That’s where you come in. Check out the videos below and then vote for your favourite here.

The photos don’t have to be directly related to riding, but they often show the riding lifestyle and beauty of the local area. This year the invited photographers were: Sam Needham (who was the judges winner),Tim Koerber, Gary Perkin, Grant Robinson, Ryan Worcester and Laurence Crossman-Emms.

Sam Needham – Life is a journey

Tim Koerber

Gary Perkin – The ways of men

Grant Robinson – Ride for your life

Ryan Worcester – The illusion vs the experience

Laurence Crossman-Emms

Seb Kemp, from the organisers of Deep Summer, said: “This year the emphasis has been on breaking the mould and making photographers push themselves to get under the veil and present the true story of Whistler. We’ve selected some truly expressive and artistic shooters to come to Whistler and interpret what a thousand people have done before them.”

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