With their jumps, drops and technical sections, bike parks can throw some pretty dangerous obstacles in your path but this guy’s experience is udderly terrifying.

Half way down a trail at the Shambhala bike park in Bulgaria he finds himself face to face with a herd of cows. Cows aren’t that uncommon a sight in European bike parks but they’re normally fenced off from the tracks and wearing cowbells so you can slow down before you hit them

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It seems in Bulgaria you get no such warning as this guy nearly careers into the herd. Most of the cows manage to moove out of the way, but one decides that running straight down the trail is the wisest option. Thankfully the rider can take a shortcut and rejoin the trail ahead of the cow.

The Shambhala bike park lies above the town of Sopot roughly 75 miles to the east of the capital Sofia.