The FlyUp 417 bike park opened on Monday and videos are starting to filter through of what riders can expect when they take to its slopes. This is the best one we’ve found and we think it gives a pretty good feel of the red and blue runs.

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The blue run is called Cheese Roller (no doubt named after the race at the nearby Cooper’s Hill) and it looks to be a flowy trail with plenty of berms, some mellow jumps and a couple of pedals thrown in for good measure.

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Igneous, the red trail, is definitely a step up in terms of difficulty with a number of rock sections that look to have a number of line choices, including one that sends the cameraman tumbling.

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Unfortunately there’s no footage of the black trail yet but from other videos we’ve seen it’s a big step up in terms of tech and features some sizeable gaps The video does show the indoor jump run and the Velosolutions pump track, and, with a four cross track still to come, we reckon this is a promising start for Britain’s newest bike park.