If you think of ninjas you’re likely to picture them stealthily creeping through the shadows of feudal Japan, not hunting mountain bikers in the forests of north eastern France. As far as we’re aware this is the first mtb video to feature ninjas but it does make for quite an interesting (and gruesome) watch.

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The three riders head off down the Ninja Trail, which clearly angers the resident ninja who makes it  his mission to kill them. The first rider he stabs with a sword and the second he kicks off their bike using a grappling hook, but he meets his match in the third rider and ends up falling himself.

There are some decent skills on offer here from both the riders and the ninja, who has clearly put time and effort into his ninja training, but we could probably have done without the pounding dubstep soundtrack.

The video was made to promote the Enduro de Giroagny, an annual enduro race that was won by Jerome Clementz last year. As far as we’re aware the ninja won’t be making an appearance in the race but you should probably start practicing your wax-on-wax-off technique if you plan on entering.