Blood-curdling biking

Halloween is just a rat’s whisker away and what better way to spend the scariest night of the year than watching some bike videos while hiding from trick-or-treaters?

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It’s become a bit of a tradition for filmakers to produce special movies for the occasion in recent years so we’ve decided to get you in the mood with the scariest Halloween mountain bike edits ever. Be very afraid.

Halloween Spooktacular

Cannock Chase may seem an innocent trail centre on first glance but you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only has the Werewolf drop been known to spook many a rider but it’s also haunted by the Downhill Demon. In this video you can see him claim his latest two victims on the Upper Cliff trails.


We always knew that Manon Carpenter had cat-like reflexes but in this video we see why. For one night only every year she becomes the Wildcat, a trail-shredding, human and cat hybrid.

We’re pretty sure Manon used up one of her nine lives with her massive crash at Fort William, but hopefully at next year’s World Cups she’ll prove that cats really do always land on their feet (well, wheels anyway).

Rob rides the new Charge Cooker

For some people, Plus size wheels are scary enough, but add a werewolf on top of that and you have a truly petrifying bike edit.

Charge has taken the radical step of making all of its bike Plus sized for 2016. This video was made to celebrate that and we think it’s a cracker. Rob Jarman is at the helm of the hardtails and he definitely makes them look fun to ride but beware, it does get pretty hairy.

Strahan of the Dead

Zombie survival guide rule #7: Get out of the car and on to the bike, specifically the mountain bike. Cars break down and can only go on roads, mountain bikes are suitable for any terrain and, if you know what you’re doing, you can keep them going indefinitely.

We love this video from Aaron Larocque, it has great production special effects, an original story and even some awesome riding – in short, it’s dead good.

The Zombie Cut

Here’s a another zombie themed edit, this time from Calibre. Shot at Parkwood Springs in Sheffield, this one makes the cut simply for the shot of a rider taking out a zombie with his saddle.

After Dark

Another spooky edit from Carpenter and this one’s even more radical than Wildcat. Manon and BMX Rider Kayley Ashworth don Calavera make-up and have a night time riding session at a skate park.

The stock footage gives this one a really unsettling feeling, far different to the more jokey edits above.