The landscape in this Raw 100 may be reminiscent of Red Bull Rampage but inventive lines transform it into a slopestyle playground.

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It is no secret that Brandon Semenuk is one of the world’s most consistently mind-blowing riders and once again he has shown how he is able to raise the level of his riding above us mere mortals.

The rules for each RAW video are simple: 100 seconds, no music. A true testament to restriction breeding creativity.

After you’ve recovered from watching and re-watching the latest episode in the already legendary Semenuk RAW series, remind yourself of the three earlier iconic instalments.

Brandon Semenuk RAW 1

This is his section from the unReal movie that was released in 2015 by the guys behind Seasons and Follow Me. Alongside Brandon Semenuk will be some top riders including Graham Aggasiz, Cam McCaul and the late, great Stevie Smith.

UnReal had been teasing us for months with riders shredding glaciers, drifting down mountains with wild horses and landing world record front flips.

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It seems that the wait will be worth it though as this section was one of the most impressive we’ve seen in years. From parking up his van, through throwing down some silky smooth tricks, to throwing himself off a huge drop without even being on his bike there are no cuts – Brandon simply kills it in four minutes of mountain biking perfection.

What is even more impressive is that Brandon was injured during the shoot, he hit the full line only once and this was the result.

Brandon Semenuk RAW 2

For the second instalment Brandon Semenuk headed south to California to breathe new live into an old BMX track that hadn’t been used since early noughties X Games era. There aren’t many riders how can make a mountain bike look equal (superior?) to a BMX. Semenuk is one of them. Simply amazing.

More RAW!

Brandon Semenuk RAW3

You know the drill. Just a raw 100 seconds of pure haulin’ ass. No music, no effects, only the sights and sounds of mountain biking at it’s finest…and of course a few NBDs from Semenuk himself.

Brandon Semenuk Raw4

The 4th Brandon Semenuk RAW video. No awful rowdy music just pure-riding amazingness. Watch. Get inspired. Go ride your bike.