Video from Jeremy Marechal reveals the bike that Santa rides – and shows him sending it down Red Bull Rampage style terrain.

We can forgive¬†desperate play on words – based around the ‘reindeer’ – because the POV footage is so good and the rider’s Santa outfit is so charmingly ragbag.

We also have a real soft-spot for the Giant Reign. It’s a classic modern mountain bike from one of the biggest bike brands in the world that teaches the smaller boutique brands a thing or two about how to make a kick-ass enduro bike. It only just missed out on our Bike of the Year title.

The riding in the video starts off on some Red Bull Rampage type of craggy stuff but then calms down – well, a bit – and the terrain looks remarkably similar to the famous ‘Grey Earth’ trails made famous by the Trans-Provence and this year’s EWS round that played in that part of France.

Video description

“With the lack of snow, the Santa Claus has of to exchange its reindeers for quite new Giant Reign on 2017, he sends the bearded man !”