Pivot Factory Racing team rider Rupert Chapman revels in the southern hemisphere summer at Christchurch Adventure Park.

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Everyone and their dog appears to be in New Zealand at the moment. Except us. And probably you.

New Zealand and Pivot Cycles are both having something of a purple patch at the moment. Both have kinda surged up from relative obscurity to find themselves at the forefront of mountain biking in 2017.

Why watch this vid? To be honest, you may not want to. If it’s hoofing down and howling outside your office window right now it may well just send you over the edge in to an AK47 wielding meltdown.

And even if you do click ‘PLAY’ on this video the opening minute may leave you a bit “meh”. It’s a bit samey samey blah blah big bike on buff motorway trails.

It’s the second half of the vid where the roots come out, the terrain pitches steeply down and the scattering of leaves just looks… well, perfect.

Tip to moviemakers: stop hiding your moneyshots at the end of vids. Everyone has turned over by that point. Show us the money from the get-go please. Thanks!

Video description

Pivot Cycles: “We’ve got a great new edit from Rupert Chapman, the newest edition to the Pivot Factory Racing team to share with you and your viewers. No tricks, no gimmicks, all riding. 🙂 Things are going really well for the squad as we get started on the new season – Bernard Kerr and Rupert already took 1 and 2 at the New Zealand Open and Bernard grabbed second at RedBull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo. Emilie is on her way to NZ soon, where she will join her teammates for training and the first Crankworx of the season, in Rotorura.”