With Steve Peat retiring so too must the This Is Peaty video series (aka TIP) go with it. This video, the fourth and final chapter in the Last Orders mini-series, sees Peaty reminiscing over the past few years of TIP and picking out his top ten moments.

For the impatient ones out there – and for those who always want to check out what they’re about to watch – here’s the top 10 list written out for you…

10. Peaty’s racing his first 16in wheel mini-bike

9. Drift trikes

8. Ratboy’s podium singing

7. The Rocky training montage

6. Eddie’s very painful stoppie

5. Beach cruiser cruising – including stem snapping skatepark antics

4. Sea Otter slalom racing

3. The birth of Cappucino Steve

2. The Thailand long jump contest

1. Ratboy’s first World Cup win

There’s also a wild-yet-touching addition to this list: partying with Stevie “The Chainsaw” Smith.

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Video description

“Peaty’s top 10 TIP moments over the last 4 seasons!”