The second in a four-part ‘farewell series’ of videos from the legend that is Steve Peat.

Last Orders have been called and Steve Peat and motocross legend Ken Block are getting the round in, so sit back and wait to be served with your usual dose of chaos from the This Is Peaty crew.


Pic: @roncar

In Episode 2 of Last Orders, Steve heads stateside to hang out with motorsport legend Ken Block. With both Ken and Steve having young families the pair not only battle it out on the steeps of Park City but find time to bring their two families together.

Ken Block’s passion for MTB is no hidden secret but his respect and admiration for Steve Peat is both humbling and testament to Peaty’s career and its ability to transcend sports.

There are huge similarities between the way fans around the world have embraced both Steve Peat and Ken Block, both ambassadors and icons of their own sports.

Steve gets Man shed envy as they tour Hoonigan HQ. Steel City go behind the scenes at the Envy factory and get involved with Lizard Skins creating a special gift for Ken.