Maybe this isn’t the exact point of this video from Commencal but we really like this vid for giving some screentime to the riders who aren’t so young anymore.

Kyle Strait and PEF (Pierre-Edouard Ferry) shot this vid in the Alps of southern France after this year’s Crankworx.

It may not be deliberate but there’s a definite old skool feel to the vid and the riding. They’re wearing Vans hi-tops(!) for example.

The airtime they get is not massive and the tricks they pull off are not super-technical spins or anything. Just fun looking no footers/handers, whips and tabletops.

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Warning: there’s a bit of blue language at the start of the vid. You may as well skip on to 1m 09s anyway as that’s when the cool riding starts.

Commencal HQ sez…

What better way to unwind from a wet and dirty Crankworx Les Gets? A road trip with old friends.

Kyle & PEF understand that the secret of a good road trip depends on the buddies you chose to embark on the trip with and to ride with. A new cast was made up of Kyle Strait, Pierre-Edouard Ferry, videographer Leon Perrin and photographer JB Liautard. The choice of spots was easy. The EVO Bike Park and ‘Black Earth’ were obvious.

The ‘Black Earth’ landscape is a theatre of play, now almost part of mountain bike history, and it was time for Kyle to discover the Maritimes Alps with a very Southern French feel. Alongside this was the discovery of EVO Bike Park and meeting local riders resulted in story swapping and finding a hunting and fishing shop in Digne with a private clay pigeon shoot. Kyle loves shotguns, even if the recoil did cause some bruising…

The highlight of this trip was undoubtedly the sunrise at ‘Black Earth,’ it’s a legendary place. It was here where these two friends showed why they are and will remain examples of style and fluidity.

To complete the week, PEF invited the whole team for a good stopover in Lyon. Kyle discovered the gastronomy of a traditional Lyon sausage dish, ‘d’andouillettes’ and other pork dishes, all washed down with fine Côtes du Rhone wines. All just a few hours before taking the plane back…



Nicolas BRIZIN