Enduro star Leah Maunsell rags a Kona Big Honzo 27.5+ hardtail around The Sheep’s Head peninsula in her home county of Cork, Ireland.

Plus bike?


Slow motion?




So far, so 2016. But this video offers something a little bit different to the usual macho American male drifting his way down a sun-dappled forest to the sounds of guitars.

Video description

Kona HQ: “We hooked up with rising enduro star Leah Maunsell and headed for her home county of Cork, Ireland.

“The Sheep’s Head peninsula is a rugged sliver of land jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean on Ireland’s southernmost tip. Big views and big skies set the tone as the landscape undulates, offering up some of Ireland’s finest coastal views. The trails here run along the spine of the peninsula on a mix of upland and rocky outcroppings, setting the perfect stage for Leah’s outing on the Big Honzo.”

Ian Schmitt, Kona Product Team: “I’ve always had a soft spot for the Honzo. The original steel prototype was the first Kona prototype I ever had the opportunity to ride. I came back with the bike and told my co-workers something to the effect of “well, that just ruined every other hardtail for me”. It’s been a long road of evolution and expansion for the Honzo line and I’m grateful to be a part of it. The Big Honzo embodies all the traits that “ruined” other hardtails for me and I can’t say enough positive things about the bike.”