If there’s one thing Joe Barnes knows, it’s how to ride in the mud – a skill he once again demonstrates perfectly in this video as he takes to a trail called Slop Mountain that appears to be absolutely caked in the stuff.

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The way he holds his grip despite the adverse, slippery conditions is simply masterful and leaves us feeling pretty incompetent about our own bike handling skills.

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This video seems to be a bit of sequel to 8 Wild Terns, another one of Joe Barnes’ stunning, wet-weather videos, as it features a banging hip-hop soundtrack and a thoroughly sodden trail that Barnes rides at warp speed.

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Joe Barnes will return to action at the Enduro World Series that kicks off next month in South America – no doubt the conditions will be a bit different to this. Unfortunately, there is no Scottish round of the EWS for Barnes this year but hopefully he can pull together a result in front of the Irish fans at Wicklow in May.