The Dudes of Hazzard are known for their off-the-wall web videos but this one really takes the biscuit.

As an apology for not organising the Dudes Enduro this year they produced a music video that is sure to have Cowell and Co. shaking in their boots as the race for Christmas number 1 hots up.

>>> Click here to watch the Japanese Dudeumentary

The Dudes Enduro is traditionally an annual race headed by the Dudes and No Fuss Events that takes place in November around Kinlochleven. The geography and time of year almost guarantee that the race will be cold and sloppy, a true test for any aspiring enduro racer.

Thankfully the event will be returning next year with a full release of entry dates and details due to be coming soon. Thankfully with lyrics such as, “please use the Spirit we bestowed on you last year because enduro is calling you home” and, of course, the belting chorus, “Stand by your bike, give us to hands to hang on”, all is forgiven pretty quickly – especially as the music video shows off some prime winter riding.