Fingers crossed we’re probably past the point in the year where snow will stop us from getting out on our bikes in the UK. However that’s certainly not the case in Canada where most of the mountains are still covered in feet of the stuff.

In this video freeriders Geoff Gulevich, Noah Brusseau and Wade Simmons take to the snow on fat bikes to see if they’re just as capable as their normal bikes. This video is a follow up to the popular Fat Free, one year ago, and it’s every bit as fun.

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In the video the three guys take on some steep chutes, some decent sized drops and they even pull out some tricks including a backflip and a 360 spin- which we think may be the first ever on a fat bike on snow.

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We know that fat bikes aren’t the most popular here on mbr but we do reckon that this video shows they can be a lot of fun if they’re used in the right environment. We do rate their thinner siblings the plus bikes though, check out our favourite plus bikes here.