Forget your skis, go off piste on a mountain bike this winter and try a bit of fat bike freeriding

Fat Bikes remain a kind of enigma in the cycling world; albeit, a growing enigma. With some high profile videos showing just how much fun you can have on one, there is no question that they are becoming more popular. They have gone from being bikes you only ever saw pros riding in videos to now being ridden (occasionally) down your local trails.

This video shows that fat bikes are clearly fun and this is what Wade Simmons, one of the featured riders says it is all about; having fun on your bike. But are they fun only if you live in North America or other places which get such levels of snow? Or will they become more common among our British trails which consist primarily of muck?

With its scenery more common to skiing and snowboarding edits we see three of the beefy wheeled bikes being ridden around and down slopes. Perhaps it is less graceful than its snow sports counterparts but it looks like it could be more fun, with plenty of crashes and skids galore. The future seems to be looking pretty good for the big wheeled behemoth.

January blues are common and it can spread to bike riding. Take a peak at just some of the reasons we love winter and perhaps you’ll be inspired to pull the bike out the shed.