This is one excellent three minute video. Deity rider Cody Gessel takes brakeless BMX style into the desert of Utah and pulls off some amazing riding.

No knee pads. In fact, Cody is so proud of his knees he likes to show them off through holes ion his skinny jeans.

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In a sea of samey edits this one really stands out as something different. It’s beautifully shot without skimping on the rawness of the riding. Even the slow-motion bits are actually worthwhile and welcome (rather than extraneous and annoying).

What’s the best bit?

It has to that bit at 2m30s where he lines up at the top of a ridiculous slope…

Bonus points for the world’s deepest purple pedals and the world’s loudest freewheel.

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Diety bods: “What happens when you take Deity’s Cody Gessel and throw him in the landscape of Virgin, Utah with only a Cryptkeeper and NO brakes? Big lines, some close calls, tons of style, and Cody’s signature amplitude. Props to Carson Ferrin for all of his hard work on the lines.”