Another month, another Bike Park Wales trail…

The builders at Britain’s premier mountain biking destination never seem to stop and, after a long winter slogging through the mud, they’ve just put the finishing touches to a brand new trail – HotStepper. HotStepper is a red graded trail that can be accessed from Terry’s Belly, 500 metres from the uplift drop off point.

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The trail is not officially open until March 30 but you can see the Bike Park Wales crew giving it a cheeky test ride in this video. It seems pretty obviously named after a load of rocky steps that have been built into the hillside, separated by flowy, rooty singletrack.

If you’ve done the pedal up recently you’ll no doubt have seen bits of the trail snaking through the woods and we can tell you, it looks seriously fast. Don’t just think this is a glorified option on Terry’s Belly though, HotStepper is actually the longest red trail Bike Park Wales has built at 1.6km.

As we mentioned above the trail is not officially open until March 30 so don’t be tempted to ride it early or you could push this date back even further!

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