Smiles for miles on Terry's Belly

The trail crew at Bike Park Wales sure are hard working. Not only do they manage to keep the stellar line up of trails in tip-top condition but they’re also constantly adding to the park’s trail repertoire.

The latest addition is Terry’s Belly and it has the honour of being the longest, non-stop, blue-graded descent in the UK. The trail will provide you with 4.2 kilometres (2.6 miles) of berms, rollers and ear-to-ear grins.

Terry's Belly 1

To put Terry’s Belly in perspective, Les Get’s famous Chavannes (or Roue Libre) track is 3.1 km and the Fort William World Cup track is only 2.66km. In short, this trail is absolutely massive.

The guys at Bike Park Wales reckon the whole descent will take around five minutes for a fast rider and eight minutes for an average rider.

The trail is split into four distinct section but from the look of it there’s definitely an overall goal to the trail –  create as much fun and flow as possible.

Terry's Blely 2

Terry’s Belly is open to ride from midday today and there will be an official opening on the 15th, which is also the second anniversary of Bike Park Wales – how time flies! Shimano and Mojo will be on hand to give you some set up advice and there will be discounts available in the bike shop.